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123 Naugatuck Ave
Milford, CT 06460
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Bob Hofmiller
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5 Stars
By Visitor
"This is my first full year of using Hofmiller Energy for the delivery of my home heating oil and working with them has been a pleasure they contacted me early to see if I would like to go on a payment plan which has been most helpful. When I had a problem with my oil burner I thought of contacting no one but them. My oil burner kept going off on safety and would not stay on long enough to heat the house. I called Hofmiller and they arranged to have a technician come out the very next day and quoted me a reasonable price. Their technician arrived right on time and fixed the problem with the oil burner and the furnace has never sounded better. I am very pleased with their service and highly recommend them to all my friends and family"
5 Stars
By Visitor
"Thanks so much for the great service. The ladies who answer the phone are always a pleasure and the drivers are great as well. Thanks so much for making winter a little more easier"
5 Stars
By Visitor
Good morning, Yesterday 2/18/14 Bob Hofmiller's team came to my house to install a new hot water system. A brief history of the situation. Our house was having trouble with our boiler, we were getting heat but no hot water. Bob came to my house and instead of suggesting a new boiler. Which would have made him a lot of money, he suggested a more money saving fix. To me that is respect earned. He wasn't out to make money he was fixing the problem and not costing us a fortune. We are a family of 7 and money is tight, so what Bob did was highly commendable. Within a week they were here to install the system. The Hofmiller team that showed up was extremely professional. They kept me informed of everything they were doing, and I am the type to ask A LOT of questions. They worked straight through the day and finished that evening. They didn't take a break or a lunch. After the job was complete they cleaned up and left my house like no one was there. I have to say that the Hofmiller team was one of the best group of people that have ever done work for me. I would recommend them to anyone. I want to especially single out Joe the plumber and "the other" Bob these guys are the definition of professionalism. However everyone was great......Sincerely,