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50631 Wing Dr
Shelby Township, MI 48315
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Brett Crozier
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Warning!!!!! Warning!!!! You are about to receive the truth about Brett and his crew and it is not good!!!! I was recently invited to look at a job Brett and EPM had done for my good friends 70 year old parents. What a nightmare!!! First, I looked at the billing and contracts. He had bilked them and waaaaay overcharged!!! Shame on you for taking advantage of the elderly, and from what I saw he had taken them for more than $6000.00 in over billing and inflated charges. Then I read his repeated lies over text message. I was then asked to look at the bathroom remodel done by him. It looked like a 10 year old child had done the installation on the tile shower, the tile floor, and the sink, so I asked if he was licensed to do remodel work . Upon checking L.A.R.A. the state of Michigan web site for such matters, it was discovered he was in fact NOT LICENSED to do remodeling or alterations of ANY KIND!!! Here is where things get interesting....I am a licensed builder, have a degree in construction tech, own a home inspection company, and run two building companies. I have spent many years doing remodel, kitchen and bath, flipping houses, and building new construction homes. I can spot incorrect work and code violations from a mile away. I discovered so many problems with the job he had done that the entire bathroom has to be gutted and re build to the tune of almost $7000.00 to repair the damage he has done. Also, did I mention that the husband, a retired sergeant in the military, has heart issues. After his second heart attack the guy cant have un due stress or strain because it could actually kill him!!! So, the family asked me to mediate with Brett, and I did. I informed him he would not be paid for the illegal construction, and I would try and convince this family not to sue him, in order to move past the problem and the stress, and he was t have n further contact with the family. He agreed. however, he broke the agreement and sent emails begging for money. The, get this...he sends a threat letter from an attorney knowing full well that he cant sue anybody because of the $600 law pertaining to un licensed fools doing work in MI. The father almost had his third heart attack upon opening the letter!!! You are a shameful excuse for a man Brett, as well as the worst kind of person who makes a living preying on the elderly and infirmed. That is a fact. So, in conclusion, I will be now advising the family to sue for the total cost of the job, the cost for the demolition and re install of the bathroom, and to criminally prosecute him for illegally doing the work he is not licensed to do. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!! WARNING!!!DO NOT HIRE THIS MAN OR COMPANY!!!