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5 Stars
By Visitor
Just to add to my review of Andy over the past 14 years....I will gladly give my name, I forgot to do it at the end of my review.

Thanks again Andy for great service!
Phil Gunyon
Kimberly, WI & Volga, SD
5 Stars
By Visitor
I have been using Andy for the past....14 years!! (wow, didn’t realize that long! .LOL) Andy has always been hilarious, nice, courteous, and a joke teller, but most of all he is a true professional in his dealings with me and my wife!! Andy KNOWS the tax laws and codes and lives by them for you! He will keep you out of hot water, unless you just flat out lie…but I feel he would catch that and not do business with you. (Just my humble opinion) I live; work and am a resident of South Dakota now, but…my home, wife and kids are still in Wisconsin. I was going to move to Washington at one point, I called Andy and talked to him about if he could still handle my taxes...He was good to go, he has people from all over the US and from a few foreign countries (I guess he spent some good time (2 years I think it was) getting legal to do taxes in one country for ONE guy…just to do them one year and the poor guy died the next. If I remember the times frame right)
Andy is NOT your typical white shirt up tight arrogant account, he is a straight shooter, and I joking call him my hippy throw back accountant, when telling friends about him. Andy has given me a ton of great advice over the years, has kept me from doing a few stupid things that friends have done on their taxes. Andy does and always has done the taxes in the order they come in, he does not play favorites, (I LOVE that about him!!!) Andy will not steer you wrong on your taxes, will not willingly or knowingly put in false info for you on your taxes! A few years ago, Andy called and I was in the process of setting with my grandmother on her death bed, I was in a low spot that week, after spending almost 45 minutes on the phone with Andy, (in which maybe 8 of was about my taxes) discussing things such as the origins of were the fraze saved by the bell came from, and how people used to be thought dead after drinking tomato juice from pewter cups and buried alive….and God only knows what else that day….I felt much mental relief, he took time from his very busy hectic schedule to visit with me to relieve my stress! I consider Andy a friend, though we only talk a few times a year, it is like we have known each other our whole lives. I would recommend Andy to anyone who needs their taxes done! You WILL NOT regret it! One last note….I have a very extensive tool collection now, due to the great advice Andy gave me my first year using him, he told me to just buy a new tool every time a do a job around the house…no matter what the job is, it can range from a screw driver set to a full blown radial arm saw. I have taken that advice and it is amazing how fast you build your tool collection! Thanks Andy for 14 years of great tax services and wonderful conversations!!
2 Stars
By Visitor
Several of my family members go to Andy to have their taxes done, so I figured I would, too. He did my taxes for 2010 and 2011, and even though I didn't make any money that year (student) and, thus, didn't get a tax return, Andy's work was excellent. All documents were professionally and, as far as I could tell, accurately completed. He also provided me a folder of all documentation for my records.

Having had a positive experience, this year I went to him again. As I am currently planning a move to Chicago, I have been mapping out my finances and needed to factor in my tax return. I sent Andy a friendly email asking him if he had an estimate of when he would complete his portion of the return cycle. Below is a verbatim copy of our email conversation (I've condensed the spacing on my first email for easy reading, but all other formatting has been copied and pasted directly from email). Also, it's worth noting that Andy and I have never seen or verbally spoken with one another, including when I showed up during hours yesterday (3/13/13) to pick up my materials:

Ben: "Hi Andy, How are things? Just making sure I brought everything you need and
wondering if you have an approximate turnaround time frame.
Hope you're well!

Andy: "they are done in the order received - govt has put me way off timetable"

Ben: "Understood. I am in the process of planning my finances for the next
few months as I move down to city. Can you provide even a rough

Andy: "no"

Ben: "Very well."

Andy: "i will mail your stuff back immediately"

Ben: "No need. I'm on my way now."

As you can see, I ended up getting frustrated with his curt communication style and his unwillingness to provide "even a rough estimate" of when he could expect to finish. So I picked up my materials and won't be going back.

Now granted, it's smack dab in the middle of tax season, and Andy is no doubt incredibly busy. That said, there are several great options for accountants in the area that are capable of balancing this yearly stress with professional courtesy. Amongst those I know who go to Andy, his lacking professionalism is well known. Fortunately, most simply find it amusing instead of offensive. I do not.

Overall, if you are the type of person who just needs your taxes done right (no matter the cost - his are a bit high) and you don't care about civility, personability, or customer service, this is your guy! He will do right by you.

But if you're the type who would like your taxes done right AND the ability to have a civil conversation about the service, check out some of his competitors in the area. I'm going to a new accountant now who has both sides of the relationship mastered: business and service.