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Christ the King Church
205 2nd Ave NW
Medford, MN 55049
Phone: (507) 451-6353 Fax: (507) 451-4651
A Parish of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Winona MN

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Mass Times:
Christ the King Parish, Medford
Sat: 5 pm
Sun: 8:30 & 10 am
Confessions: Sat., 4:30 p.m.

Lenten "Stations of the Cross" Schedule
 Christ the King Parish: Fridays, 5:30pm.
  St Joseph Parish: Wednesdays, 6:30pm following Soup Supper at 5:45.

Corpus Christi Parish, Deerfield
  Mass resumes here on Easter Sunday
Spring/Summer/Fall Schedule - 8:30
Confessions: Sun., 8am
Directions to Corpus Christi: 1/4 mile south of McDonald`s,
then 6 miles west on County Road 12/NW 66th St.

>>>>>>>  Check out the NEW calendar  <<<<<<<
See what`s happening here and at ALL the parishes from Medford south to Litomysl.

See the latest copy (Winter 2014) of "We Journey Together", our parish quarterly newsletter. 

   The quarterly newsletter is a new feature to the CtK/CC parishes.  Over the next few months parishioners from the clustered parishes will be asked for input, articles in their own words, to fill the pages of this newsletter.  Articles can range from "hot topics" in the area to how and when the churches were established, stories from the past.  News on how we worship to what`s important in your faithlife are also accepted.  Preview the latest copy of the "We Journey Together" above, or go to the St Joseph site (see LINKS) to view previous newsletters, and then start putting your thoughts down for future editions.  God bless you.  Deacon Pat


"We, the parish families of Christ the King of Medford and Corpus Christi of Deerfield, in the Diocese of Winona, Minnesota, exist to love God and one another, and to strengthen our community through prayer and worship.  As we pass on our Catholic heritage from one generation to the next, we are called by Jesus to accept the challenge of living in community of God`s people through teaching and service to the local and broader universal church."



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